Chapter 4

“Hey.” Jacob says as he runs beside me in the hallway to walk with me on the way to first period.

“Hey.” I say back.


The lockers roar as my my back hits them.

“What the fuck was that for?” Jacob says to John as he walks away laughing hysterically.




My dream fades away as my mom’s voice interferes with it.


7:30am. I’m late.

Did I seriously sleep that long?

I race out of bed to the bathroom, take a one minute shower, get dressed, brush my teeth and hair, go downstairs and get in the car, which my mom is already in.

“Oh. Look who decided to wake up.” My mom says sarcastically.

I just look at her and then turn back around. I’m still tired, but why? I slept for over ten hours, yet I’m still tired.

“Well, let’s get going before you’re late.”

“Okay.” I say as my mom starts the car and I’m on my way to school.

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