CHAPTER 2 | On The Day I Met You

On the day I met you

I walk in through the red metal doors. It looks dim in here. You’d think by how small of a school this is, they’d have enough money to buy another light bulb. The walls in the hallway are full of many lockers, yet there aren’t  many kids here. People are staring at me– is it because I’m new? It is a small school, I mean, they should know I’m new. I still don’t like people staring at me. I feel alone, yet I like it. Not because no one is talking to me, which I wish someone would do, but knowing that I’m not getting pushed into a locker or getting a tray of food dumped on me. It’s nice.

“Did you hear about the new football captain, Marcus?” Some girls say while they stand by their lockers.

I don’t even know who all is on the football team. I would try out, but I suck at sports. I do better with the technological part of life. I mean, who doesn’t like technology?

I stride to first period which is physics. Ugh, physics. I hate this subject, it’s like sitting in hell. I took this class when I was homeschooled, and I would be done with it, but guess what? I failed. I’ve never been good at science, so why would I pass anyways. The only class I would constantly take is history. World War 2, The 1920’s. That’s exactly what I want to learn about. I believe you should be taught about our history in this world, so that we never repeat it, but instead we are taught mass, weight, energy and a lot of other stupid things that we don’t need in our lives.

I walk into the class and there are materials on the tables such as two soda bottles, washers and a roll of duct tape. I wonder what we are doing today? I’ve always hated the tables in science classes, they’re tall, wooden and fit only two people. And you have to sit in a stool. I mean I’d like to have a chair that gives me some back support.

“Everyone sit down and let me call roll!” Mr. Crowe says as he is trying to shut everyone up.

Is he always this mean?

“Marcus Foster” Mr. Crowe says. “Here” A dark-skinned guy says as he barely looks up at us and back down at his desk. He must be nervous, but why though? Isn’t he the captain of the football team? Other than me hearing he is the captain, he also has the letter C circled on his letterman jacket, which must stand for captain. Shouldn’t that kinda explain it all? From what I know about football players is that they are popular and actually have the ability to speak. So, why isn’t he?

“Phoebe Blackwell.”

“Here” A tan girl with brunette hair, which is kinda long, says. She is wearing glasses which match her black shirt and jeans. Well, I guess the glasses can explain why she has her eye’s in a book the whole time. Bookworm. Or just a nerd.

“Katelyn Carter.”

“Here” A pale girl says as she is putting her dark colored hair in a bun.  She wears sweatpants and a white t-shirt that reads Volleyball. I knew she was athletic by the clothes she is wearing.

“Jackson Coates.”

I really hate it when people call my name, especially in a classroom where everyone is staring at me. “Here” I say nervously hoping no one is looking at me, when I know for a fact no one is.

“Lila Parks.”

“Here” Lila says. I’m pretty convinced she sleeps with her teacher. The way they looked at each other in the hallway when I saw her talking to him. But, her sleeve tattoo filled with skulls, ships, and compasses look pretty nice.

“Cassidy Martin.”

“Here.” Cassidy says as she is sitting in her desk quiet as can be. Black hair, black lips and black clothes. Yet, she is as white as a polar bear.

I zone out for a bit.

I don’t know any of these people. I want a friend, or a few. Someone to talk too, to walk with, to eat lunch with, just everything you would do with a friend. I want that.

“Kyle Martin.”

Finally, the last person.

“Here.” Kyle says as he is laid back in his seat. He looks like he is maybe goth? His black hair, shirt and pants say it all.

“Okay class. I’m going to partner you up and this will be your partner for the rest of the year.”

Rest of the year? Are you serious. What if I get partnered with someone I don’t like?

“Marcus Foster and Lila Parks.”

“Jackson Coates and Phoebe Blackwell.”

I turn around and eye Phoebe who, when I look at her, rolls her eyes.

Are you serious? Of course I’d be the one to get partnered with someone who’s rude.

Now that I know who I got partnered with, I don’t care to listen anymore. It’s boring hearing the teacher talk. I know what he says is important, but what I’m hearing right now is him partnering me with a rude person.

“Okay, so I want everyone to choose a table and sit with your partner and that will be your seat for the rest of the year.”

As everyone is scrambling to find a table, I find Phoebe, who is sitting at a  table in the very back, and I go join her. It’s time to sit with someone who already has an attitude.

I quietly sit down next to her and begin a conversation.

“Hi” I say nervously. I’m nervous because she has already rolled her eyes at me because I glanced at her, who knows what she would do if I spoke to her. “-I’m Jackson.”

“I know who you are.” Phoebe says as she just looks forward without moving a muscle towards my direction.

How does she know who I am? 

“How do you know who I am?” I say curiously.

“Dude, are you serious? The teacher literally just called your name.” She finally says, looking at me with an attitude.

“Oh Yeah.” I say laughing.

I don’t know why I’m laughing, this really isn’t that funny. It’s definitely not funny to Phoebe by the look of her facial expressions as she glances at me for one second then turns away.

There is no point in talking to her if all she is gonna do is have an attitude.

I lay my head on the palm of my hand as Mr. Crowe starts to speak. Is this what everyone will be like to me?

I don’t listen to the the teacher at all, I just sit here patiently waiting for not only this class to end, but also this day. Even though the only thing that has happened today was Phoebe being rude.

I know that may be dramatic, but this is what happens when you have anxiety. You think the worst of every situation, such as Phoebe’s attitude. Why can’t she just be nice? What did I ever do to her? I didn’t do nothing to her  because I don’t even know who the hell she is.

I try my hardest to turn my brain off and stop thinking, so I do. I close my eyes and try to sleep until Mr. Crowe starts to talk about what we are going to do in class today.

“Okay class, although it is the first day, we are going to do a little lab to introduce this subject.” Mr. Crowe says as I awake from my sleep.

I love labs even though I hate science. I must hate the teaching part of science, but I sure do love the hands on type.

“-We are going to make a vortex bottle. You can all laugh, I know it’s lame, but this is what physics is. So, what you are going to do is get one of the bottles and go to the sink and fill it up with water” Mr. Crowe says as he points to the sink on the right side of the classroom. “-Next you will place the washer on the mouth of the bottle” He shows us as he tells us “-Then you will tape the two mouths of the bottles together and enjoy the fun.” Mr. Crowe says sarcastically, which makes the whole class start to laugh because they all know damn well that this isn’t fun, but it’s fun to me. “This will be a group project. So, make sure you don’t hog everything and you have until the end of class. Get started.”

I take back what I said about Mr. Crowe earlier. He actually is a great teacher. I’ve never had a teacher who jokes around with his students and are as chill as a lot of us students are.

“I’ll go fill the bottle up.” I say to Phoebe as I stand up and grab the bottle.

“Okay.” Phoebe says, with less of an attitude this time. Well, that’s progress.

I make my way to the sink, reach for the handle to the faucet, turn the water on and fill the bottle up about three inches.

“Well, I think that’s good enough.” I say to myself quietly as I turn the faucet off.

I walk back to my seat and sit down. “So, do you want to tape it or do you want me to tape it?” I say trying to not hog everything. If I were doing this by myself I’d probably already be done.

“I’ll tape it.” Phoebe says.

I grab a washer, place it on the mouth of the bottle that has water in it, grab the other bottle and place it on the mouth of the other bottle. As I’m holding the bottles with my left hand, I grab the tape with my right hand and hand it to Phoebe.

“So, do you like doing this kind of stuff” I say to Phoebe as she starts to tape the two bottles together.

“What stuff?” Phoebe says.

What do you mean what stuff? “Like do you like doing labs?”

“I guess. I just like how we don’t have to be taught anything and we actually get to do something instead of sitting in our seat being bored out of our minds.” Phoebe says seeming aggravated by just the thought of being taught.

She really must hate school. At Least I’m not the only one.

“Yea same. I’d rather do this than be taught for an hour and a half.”


Even though the bottles have already been taped together, we just now start to spin the bottle to see the vortex.

“I don’t see how this has anything to deal with Physics.” I say curiously.

“Well” Phoebe says “-it actually has a lot to do with Physics. In Physics you learn a lot about matter and heat, which is what this has to deal with. The vortex in the bottle represents a tornado and a tornado is caused by warm air, such as heat, and cold air mixing together. So, in the bottle the water mixes in order to create a vortex.”

“Oh, thanks for the science lesson.” I laugh gently.

No wonder I was failing Physics before. I didn’t even know what causes a tornado.

“Yep. You’re welcome.” She says with a straight face. Oh, here comes the attitude again.

I just sit there. Waiting and waiting for her attitude to eventually fade away. I want Phoebe to be my friend. She is my partner for christ sake, so she is just gonna have to suck it up and at least try to be my friend.

“Okay class, go ahead and pack up.” Mr. Crowe says.

I didn’t really take out anything, so I don’t have to pack, so I just sit there and try to talk to Phoebe.

“So, do you like going to school here?” I say.



“Listen, I’m sorry if I’ve been rude. I’m just really not ready to start school.”

“Yea. I’m not ready either.” I say laughing.

I really didn’t see that coming. I thought it would’ve taken a lot more time for her to finally be nice.

“I know you are new and I never should’ve been rude to you. And you can hang out with me and my friends if you want.” She says as she points to Marcus, Lila, Katelyn and Cassidy.

“It’s fine and okay.”

I never would’ve thought of all of them being friends. The athletes, prep, shy gothic girl and nerd. That’s a pretty diverse clique. But as long as I know that I now have friends, I don’t care what kind of people I hang out with.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Everyone stands as the bell goes off and walks to the door to leave.

“I’ll see you and your friends later.” I say to Phoebe.



My stomach says as I’m leaving the classroom. Hungry already? I should’ve ate more than just a banana this morning. It’s only been an hour and a half into the school day and I’m already ready to eat. Well, I still have an hour and a half for that.

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